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The Story
Recentering Sustainability in Consumer Habits

The world can be overwhelming, so I understand that not everyone is able to dedicate the time needed to research the product they're buying. Sometimes, it can also be challenging! To help, I created the Eco Verse to provide easily accessible products for everyone.


I conduct background research on the store's website for three things: their values, mission, and sustainability validity. Unfortunately, something called greenwashing is common, where companies can claim their eco-friendliness solely for appearance purposes and without any action. It's ensured the products I am redirecting you guys to are not produced by those companies!

Eco Verse's Partnership

All funds are donated to

The Ecological Society of America

Founded in 1915, the Ecological Society of America (ESA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of over 9,000 members dedicated to advancing the field of ecology. It aims to bolster ecological science by fostering communication among ecologists, raising public awareness, and influencing environmental policy. ESA members are engaged in diverse areas like biotechnology, natural resource management, and global climate change, working towards addressing pressing environmental issues. ESA is committed to integrity as a trusted knowledge source, inclusivity across diverse backgrounds, and adaptability to environmental and social changes. In addition to an array of scientific publications, ESA provides resources for education and advocacy, envisioning a future where science informs the stewardship of a thriving planet.

The Eco Verse, is proud to announce that all funds will be donated to the esteemed Ecological Society of America (ESA), supporting a noble cause that resonates deeply with our own values. This gesture of solidarity reflects our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and inclusivity, principles that form the foundation of both organizations. Our contribution to ESA is specifically earmarked for their indispensable community services and their pivotal nationwide conferences, which serve as collaborative platforms for discussing and formulating strategies to combat ecological challenges annually. It is our conviction that through this financial support, ESA will continue to excel in promoting ecological science and implementing environmental solutions that benefit our society as a whole.

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