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  • How do I start living sustainably?
    To live sustainably, it's important to realize what you currently have in your life; purchasing entirely new products when you still have a handful of products you have defeats the purpose. Overconsumption is dangerous! But, when the time you need a new kitchen tool or product comes around, go to sustainable alternatives. You'll soon get used to those new alternatives and soon enough, it'll be a regular part of your life!
  • What is your blog about?
    Our goal with our Eco Verse blog is to spread awareness and educate the community. We include not only our own projects that we've been working on, but we provide a place where people can curiously explore many topics related to sustainability (e.g. climate change, health). We have tips on how to use the products we include on our site, how to convince others to switch their lifestyle, and more!
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