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Eco Verse's Philosophy

We strive for the best products that are safe and satisfy the 3 things we prioritize





All Natural

We prioritize one of the most important factors when living a sustainable life: using natural ingredients. Not only it's better for our bodies, but it's better for the environment. The products that we use in our everyday lives have many synthetic ingredients that are incompatible with our natural ecosystems, which can build up in organisms' bodies.

Natural ingredients that we find in our products for you all are meant to be compatible with our bodies. Antioxidants and plant extracts nourish our bodies, without irritating the skin. These products are being absorbed into our bodies, so why not prioritize it?

100% Sustainable

We, as humans, are consumers that have created so much damage to the planet, environments, ecosystems, and animals and their homes. There is no planet B, and we must take every step to improve our lifestyles to save our home. Taking little steps such as incorporating these alternative products can create an impact, especially if more of us commit to change. 


Because of this, we ensure that all of the products that we are providing are 100% sustainable and zero-waste. We truly want the best and most reliable products that can serve the most as an alternative. 


Along with natural ingredients and sustainability, we have also ensured cruelty-free products. Cruelty-free products don't contain harmful chemicals, which are better for our skin and bodies. But most importantly, choosing a cruelty-free routine helps reduce our environmental footprint. These products contain a fraction of chemicals we usually find in standard products. To live out the ethical, sustainable lifestyle, we must pay attention to the ethics that come with our products.  


If you would like to read more about various topics including how you can create a bigger impact as an individual or about our environment, check out our Eco Verse blog!

Any questions? Contact us or check our FAQ.

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