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Celebrating July 4th Responsibly

Happy 4th of July! Today let's not forget to celebrate responsibly, keeping the environment in mind. Let's make a conscious effort to reduce our impact and waste on our planet! Here are some impactful ways to have a more eco-friendly celebration.

1. Reusable tableware

One way to celebrate a sustainable Fourth of July involves the use of reusable tableware instead of single-use plastics to reduce waste! It's important to realize that getting tableware dedicated to July 4th can be wasteful.

2. Grill with care

If you're planning a BBQ, choose a propane or electric grill instead of traditional charcoal. You can also use local, organic food to minimize carbon footprint.

3. Sustainable decorations

Make DIY banners, garlands, or table centerpieces from old magazines, fabric scraps, or cardboard. These can be easily done and create a homey, welcoming feel!

4. Energy-saving lighting

Illuminate your gathering with energy-efficient LED lights or solar powered lanterns. You can also DIY lanterns and make it into a fun July 4th activity for kids!

5. Waste sorting stations

Set up clearly marked recycling and compost bins throughout your celebration area. This can encourage recycling and composting, thus minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

6. Firework alternatives

Consider celebrating with eco-friendly alternatives like biodegradable confetti, glow sticks, or sparklers. There's also traditional firework displays such as drone light shows or community games can result in a lower environmental impact while still ensuring a festive and spectacular celebration.

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