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What Can We Do to Make a Difference in Our Climate Change Crisis?

We, humans, are over-consumers. We buy products that come in bulk, tend to hoard things like collectibles, and eventually these things often end up in the trash. It's okay to admit that we've done some of these bad habits, but with climate change problems increasing from our day to day lives, we need to pay attention. There are so many things that we can do as a society that can create a big impact to slow climate change. Little things that we incorporate into our daily lives can help create this step forward.

#1: Shop with the environment in mind

This may seem a hard habit to practice, but once you start, it'll get easier. It's important to be considerate about our planet when purchasing items--especially items in bulk. Ask yourself, "Am I going to use this? Will I use it before the expiration date?" These questions can guide you in finding what you really need, and it can save your wallet! Most things that we buy turn bad or end up unused. Unless you plan on donating it or gifting it to a friend, try to stray away from unnecessary purchases.

#2: Incorporate better habits in your life

Now, you may be thinking, what habits do you mean? Didn't you just say all of these tips are habits we need to practice in our lives? Yes, you're completely right! There are easier habits that don't take much effort. Habits such as switching off the lights after exiting the room, taking shorter showers, creating a backyard garden, only buying what you need, and limiting car usage are a few of the many examples. The transition into becoming more eco-friendly is more impactful than you think.

#3: Take action within your community

Join your local environmental preservation organization or any volunteer services around you! Even a small group of friends can make a difference. And these organization services can be fun too! From beach cleanups to planting trees, there's so many actions you can take. Also, take the time to join an environmental club or other related associations at your school/college. Often, these groups participate in these events and learn more about the environment which is essential. Opportunities to help out the environment are everywhere, even online via donations to these organizations.

So, with that, what will you try to do today?

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